Thursday, December 29, 2011

Where the heart is

Mommy says we're 'moving,' I'm not sure what that means but things have been so confusing lately!  “Home” isn’t home anymore – I sat by and watched as mommy and daddy took everything apart, carried it out and scrubbed head to toe until there was nothing left in my “home” aside from the nails in the walls that our photos hung from.  I searched for my kennel and toy box but they were nowhere to be found until daddy brought me to a strange new building that contained with all of my things!   
I didn’t like it one bit when he left me here and went out again – it seemed like they had left me here on my own!  I sat by the door and cried, no longer interested in my toys – why was I alone with all my things?  Then suddenly, I could smell mom!  I got my courage up to go and find her, following her smell to where I thought she was… but it turned out to be a box full of mommy’s clothes.  Still, I decided this meant that at least mommy would be coming to live with me and this perked me up.  I nestled into her things and went to sleep feeling silly, when has she ever left me before? 
I was right!  Mom came back later that night and with her came dad and all of his things!  They set up our bed almost straight away because they were tired and when we went to sleep I left my usual spot at the foot of the bed and snuggled up to mom all night. 
After that, mom and dad came and went a lot over the following days – each time bringing more and more things that smelled like home.  Now most of what we had at “home” is at the new place and it’s starting to smell like home did.  Mom and dad haven’t brought anything else into the house for almost a week now, so I wonder if that means we’re settled?  I for one, still don’t like it here and I miss home. This place is very loud at night and I get startled frequently by our neighbors out in the hall or wailing sirens and tooting car horns out in the street.  S'pose we are all together though and I definitely like having mom and dad near me better than when I thought I would be alone.  Maybe home isn't in a building at all...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A walk in the nick of time

I'm glad mommy took me for a walk when she did today - otherwise we would have been rained on!  Not that I mind getting wet but mommy would have hurried home and I would have missed out on a decent play in the park. 

It was lucky she put my sweater on too cause it sure has gotten cold outside over the last two weeks!  Although the good thing is that Mom's walking a lot faster in this cold weather and I like that since usually I can't wait to get to the park and I pull her along but now she's keeping up with me and we are at the park in no time!