Wednesday, April 2, 2014

b is brushing vs bones

The dental aisle at PetSmart where you'll see
brushing stuff, rawhide and bones

I was pleased to report, after my last visit to the vet, that my teeth are healthy!  This is a big deal for mommy and me because we have been fighting with my teeth since I was a pup.  It all started before my first birthday...

Despite brushing my teeth three times a week, mommy noticed that the back ones were turning yellow so she took me to the vet, concerned that I was too young for such problems.  As if life wasn't bad enough for a dog that had to brush his teeth that often, the vet told mommy it was quite common for poodles to have these problems and recommended a dental cleaning!  This meant I would have to be sedated and have my teeth scrubbed and polished until all the plaque had been removed.  Although I wished beyond hope that it wouldn't work - so I'd never have to do it again - it did.  My teeth were clean and mommy and the vet were very pleased.  After that, he prescribed all sorts of things for mommy to help keep my teeth clean but when she read the ingredients on them she flipped out.  She didn't want to put chemicals into my drinking water or have me chewing things that would make me fat so she sought professional help!

Professional help in the form of my aunty Anna in Australia! She comes from a family of poodle breeders so she knows everything there is to know about my kind and was the perfect person for mommy to speak to.  She quickly set mommy straight and I'm so glad she did because the answer was something else beginning with 'B' that I love very much: BONES!!!  She told mommy that raw chicken necks and other bones help keep a dog's teeth white and shiny and breath clean.  I almost fell off the couch from wagging my tail so fast at this news!

Now we brush teeth just for fun cause Dorothy loves the taste of our doggy toothpaste and also because I think mommy just likes telling the vet that we do :) Other than that, it looks like I'll never need another vet-teeth-cleaning again in my life!  All thanks to those yummy, terrific bones!


  1. Lucky you Baxter - so many humans waste so much time and money on human things for their dogs - when nature always does a better job of it :)

    1. Couldn't agree more! Some strange dogs (Dorothy) like brushing. The rest of us think it's a form of torture!

  2. Bones, bones, bones, we do so love our bones. Every week when our mum goes shopping she brings us back bones to munch and crunch. We love them and our Dr Ian is very pleased with our teeth.
    Slurps and wags.
    Trudy and Heidi Gore.

    1. So glad there are other dogs out there with sensible parents!
      (Hope you guys aren't drowning like some of my other 'Aussie mates' are at the moment...)
      Mommy and I are thinking of you!

  3. My Chihuahua like to steal bones from the German Shepherd and drag them upstairs and chomp the disgusting things on my bed. At least they're good for his teeth I suppose! Visiting from AtoZ challenge!

    1. -from Mom -
      The visual image I got from your post was too funny! In my head the bone is almost as big as the Chihuahua and the German Shepard is a placid push-over hehe. It always cracks me up when small dogs rule the big ones!
      My two would be in so much trouble if they so much as tried taking their bones to bed, I agree: YUCK!