Sunday, April 27, 2014

w is for woollen sweater

There was a time (before Dorothy) when mommy used to take me everywhere with her, even to the shops.  Not all shops of course - that would have driven me crazy - but certain shops that dogs are allowed into, like H&M, where I got my woollen sweater.

Daddy hates my woollen sweater: him and uncle Stephen always make fun of me when I wear it, saying it looks like I have 'jock straps' on, but I don't care.  I like that it has straps around my legs because it stays on really well and keeps me warmer than any of my other clothes.  

More than any other reason though, I love this woollen sweater because it reminds me of my special times with mommy.  Those carefree, blissful days when I didn't have to "stay home and keep an eye on Dorothy!"  When I could go for drives or spontaneous shopping trips at a moment's notice.  When I truly was mommy's best friend and didn't have to share her with anybody.   That was freedom.  That was happiness.



  1. Saw a cartoon once about how much dogs hatted wearing people stuff like coats and sweaters. Think it was on facebook, keep you eyes peeled for it if it comes back around like most of them do, it was really funny. Would think the strap would get in the way of going potty. Cute sweater though. A-Z

    1. Hi Sandy! I'll make sure to do that - his sister Dorothy is one of those dogs who definitely hates clothes! Even though this sounds a little cruel, it's kind of funny watching her act as if her life is ending every time I dress her. hehe. Baxter doesn't mind though and actually the straps don't get in the way at all. Probably would for a girl dog though...