Saturday, April 12, 2014

k is for Kong

A kong is a toy that every dog should have.  Me and Dorothy love our kongs and since Dorothy isn't a crated-when-the-parents-go-out dog anymore, mommy likes giving them to us stuffed with treats when ever she goes anywhere.  What kind of dog wouldn't enjoy that?

Kongs come in lots of different shapes but we have the bone shaped ones made for small dogs.  Mommy says kongs are better than bones when we're unsupervised because she says a shard could break off a bone, gets caught in a throat and ... well you know!  But she doesn't have to worry about anything with a kong full of treats.  She knows we'll be safe and busy for hours! 

Although I thoroughly enjoy my kong and the variety of different treats that mommy pack inside it; I want to say... just for the record, that I used to do ok without any such diversions before Dorothy came along.  Mommy and daddy both know, in full confidence, that they can leave me any time and I'll do well on my own without needing anything to keep me busy.  I've never once chewed anything, broken anything, dropped anything or even misplaced anything I wasn't supposed to.  Nor have I ever had a bladder malfunction.  Mommy puts a puppy-pad down for me and I was trained long ago to just go on that if I needed to.  I also want it known that when mommy gives me my kong, she always tells me that it's my extra-special treat for keeping an eye on Dorothy while they're out.  Hmpf, Dorothy!  Who's sure to rip up a coaster or a shoe without it her kong! 


  1. That looks like a great chew-toy!

    I like how you put your dog in first person. That was a great story!
    : )

    1. aww thank you :) Baxter and I appreciate you reading :)

  2. seems Dorothy being a bad girl has resulted in you getting extra treats... you are a lucky dog :)