Sunday, April 20, 2014

q is for quiet time

Sorry for posting one day late!  Mommy and daddy took a trip over the weekend and boarded D and me last minute so there was no way I could get to a computer - you can blame mommy if you want, it certainly wasn't my idea to be boarded!  Anyway, letter Q is perfect for today because D and I are wiped out from our weekend playing with other dogs so this post (and this whole day since we got home) is all about quiet time.  

Most dogs like a nice long nap and me and Dorothy are no different.  Since we moved to Austin and mommy started working from home every day, our lives have become more routine with lots of naps.  We basically know that we'll wake up, take a run and potty break outside, come back for breakfast and then it's quiet time while mommy works.  If we're lucky, she'll take a lunch break, or a 'refresher' where I can persuade her to throw my ball for me and tug D will get her to tug her rope: but most days we just hang around (quietly) until she wraps up for the day and takes us for our walk.  If it's a decent off-leash with lots of running type walk, then D and me will usually take another nap afterwards before dinner - but if it's just a lame around the block walk, we'll usually beg mommy to play with us or follow her around the house until dinner.  Then it's potty breaks and quiet time for the rest of the evening.

When mommy's busy working we don't bother her much; unless it's going on day three stuck inside because of the rain... but more on that with letter R tomorrow!  This dog needs a little more quiet time for tonight.

Dorothy likes to nap on the pet-bed during the day
As for me, if I can't be on mom's lap, it's the couch

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