Friday, April 18, 2014

p is for paper

Ever heard the excuse 'my dog ate my homework?' well in our house it's a possibility.  Me and Dorothy LOVE ripping up paper!  Paper bags, receipts, gift wrap, tissue paper: you name it!  Even the cardboard rolls inside toilet paper and paper towels - we'll rip it all!  Mommy says we're better than a shredder and we're happy to help :) 

Most of the time mommy doesn't mind us ripping up paper that's left laying around, both the parents are pretty good about keeping the important stuff out of reach, but here are some pics of a time when we weren't supposed to rip up mommy's pink tissue paper - it was intended as Aunty Erica's gift wrap... 

heheh, so good, so fun hehehe
O wait... you mean we weren't supposed to pull this
down off the counter?  Ooops! I mean, it was Dorothy!
I've been right here literally the whole time..
nowhere near the tissue paper - it was all her, I promise!
See? Caught her red handed!
 ... And we love birthdays and Christmas because we get to unwrap all our own gifts! Here we are last Christmas, unwrapping our toys from Aunty Amy:

She knows we love unwrapping the paper so Aunty Amy always puts extra
layers around our Christmas toys... she's the greatest! 

... Now, if only we could stop eating the paper once we've shredded it apart... then mommy wouldn't have to put us on periodic paper bans! 

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