Wednesday, April 16, 2014

n is for new people

I look like a 'cutie-pie' (barf) but I'm actually quite a serious dog.  My parents call me a fuddy-duddy because I can get nervous in unfamiliar circumstances and I don't warm up easily to new people.  I was shy as a pup (they think I may have been the runt) and then I became protective of mommy and the house - barking at strangers that came to the door or spoke to us at the park.  Now that I have a baby sister to protect as well, I'm weary of some other dogs too.  

It's funny - I can't really explain it in a way humans can understand because I don't think you guys have the same special powers we dogs do - but I can tell a nice dog from a foul one ages away!  It doesn't matter if they're bigger or smaller than me, (I've had some of the best plays with Pit-bulls and German Shepherds) all that matters is their intention and I can always tell.  

Mommy says she wishes she had my ability to see humans for what they truly are from a distance the way I can with dogs.  I have to admit, it's harder with people but my policy has always been to proceed with caution with brand new people and slowly I think Dorothy is coming around to my approach as well. She used to run at everyone and jump on them or demand pats and cuddles straight away but after a few (not so polite) encounters, she's learnt what I've always known: that some people don't like dogs all over them and that although kids look fun, they are rough!

Kids are the ones I'm most weary of, especially when they come over to our place!  When they're inside the house, they HAVE to touch our toys - even the special ones Dorothy and I keep all to ourselves AND our most favorite and special toys too!  All the while, we aren't allowed to get upset or mommy puts us outside.  Even if they touch our bones!  When this happens, I sit outside and think: is it any wonder that a dog can take a while warming up when these kids come storming into our house, mess up our toys, pull our hair or dress us up!  I hope mommy and daddy never have one of their own.... Sharing them and my toys with Dorothy was bad enough!

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