Monday, April 14, 2014

l is for liver treats

Years ago, when mommy was still living in that other country with my other grandparents that have those funny accents, they had a doberman who used to love treats made from liver.  Grandma used to make these treats herself - she'd gotten the recipe from the doberman breeder and when I came along, she passed it along to mommy to see if I would enjoy them as well.  Well did I ever!  

I was a 10 wk old pup when mommy made the first batch and training could not have gone smoother.  I learnt all my first commands for these treats and so did Dorothy.  Now we hardly ever get these special treats because liver isn't something you see at the grocery store on a regular basis in Austin.  But for this letter 'L' post, daddy bought some especially! 

I'll hand the keyboard to mommy for instructions on how to make them, just in case anyone else wants to make them for their dogs - trust me, they'll love them!  You'll just have to mind her spelling and measuring - she is Australian after all. 

- 1lb (500g) liver pieces cut into small cubes
- 3 medium sized garlic cloves

- a garlic press (if you don't one you can use a knife to chop garlic into small pieces)
- mixing bowl
- non-stick cookie baking tray (I line mine with wax paper so there's less to clean up)
- air tight Tupperware container

- preheat oven to 350f/ 180c
- place liver cubes into mixing bowl and press the garlic cloves over the top

- mix all together until garlic appears evenly distributed
- place treats a little distance apart on baking tray (to avoid them baking on to each other) 

- bake for approx. 20 mins / until liver appears firm and has a dark brown colour

- remove from oven and allow to cool before placing treats into airtight container and refrigerating

 ... Thanks mommy! Now all the doggy-parents who read my blog can give their good dogs special treats too!  

BTW: Mommy's read articles that say garlic is "toxic" to dogs but that's probably only when it's raw because Dorothy and me get cooked garlic in a few dishes and we've never had any problems.  

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