Monday, April 7, 2014

f is for flea treatment and fish oil

Dorothy has always had sensitive skin.  I remember only  a few days after they first brought her home, mom and dad noticed the rash on her belly turning into a skin infection.  They took her to the vet who recommended fish oil and since then both D and me take one capsule each every two days.  I only take it for my coat (and because mommy wants me to be healthy) but mom's noticed that if she skips a few days, D breaks out on her belly again.  Her sensitive skin is also a problem during flea treatments...

mommy soaks our fish oil capsules so that when we bite
into them the fishy stuff doesn't spray everywhere

Flea treatments are already HORRIBLE for dogs but for Dorothy it seems worse that any other.  She acts like it stings her when it goes on her skin, then it must irritate her because she begins to scratch it and if mommy's not looking, she'll sniff it and lick it right off her paw!  After getting away with this and making herself sick a couple of times, mommy found out and decided to start dressing her in my old Halloween costume after each flea treatment application (it covers the entire neck so D can't reach).  This doesn't go over well at all!  As you know: D hates clothes so she pouts and is miserable until the liquid soaks in and the shirt comes off - several hours later.  

So the whole two-second flea treatment application turns into an ordeal at our place.  If you come to visit on a day Dorothy's wearing my jersey you'll see this:

Dorothy looks miserable

Sometimes she'll just go to bed and lay there, miserable

And I feel sorry for her, so you'll see me watching over her like this:

Most days out of the month mommy says I'm insensitive or dismissive (whatever that means) about Dorothy but on flea treatment days I'm the perfect older brother.


  1. Our Juno, aka The Great Skidoo - Keeper of all Dog Wisdom, also suffered from flea allergies. She chewed herself so badly just above her tail that the nerve endings were damaged and the hair follicles were completely destroyed.
    Poor Dorothy, she looks so miserable waiting for the horrid stuff to sink in.

    1. How horrible for Juno! You must have hated seeing her like that :(
      I feel bad for D so I've tried all organic flea repellent but it just doesn't work :( unfortunately (as I tell her upon every application) a little sting and a day of pouting is better than the alternative.

  2. Poor Dorothy, my Ashton was allergic to Spring. The best thing for him was a diet of raw meat, and my left overs... Reflex Reactions

    1. Poor thing! Was he just sneezing and groggy the whole three months? Or did something set him off?
      ... hehe mama always knows best xo