Thursday, April 17, 2014

o is for opposites

Dorothy and I are chalk and cheese: complete opposites in every way.  I started this list a while back because it was obvious from the beginning just how opposite we were, but nothing new has been added in a while so I think this list is a pretty thorough one to explain our differences, and just in time for letter 'O.'

  • I'm white / Dorothy's brown
  • I have hair/ she has fur (that's why she sheds whereas I don't)
  • I hate the crate/ she loves it!  
  • I love chase toys/ she loves tug or chew toys
  • I love the car / she hates it
  • I love my harness and leash, jumping around whenever mommy gets it out/ she hates it and runs away from mommy when she sees it
  • I'm toy driven/ she's food driven
  • I love ham/ she loves fish 
  • I'm picky/ she's easy-going
  • I love to make the parents throw my ball so I can run around the house during 'TV' time/ she loves to lay all over mom and dad for cuddles 
  • I'm cautious/ she's reckless and rough
  • I smell flowers/ she eats 'em
  • My ears flap down/ hers stand up
  • My toe nails are see through/ hers are black
  • I don't like strangers/ she thinks everyone's her bff (although as I mentioned in my yesterday's 'n for new people' post - she seems to be snapping out of this one!)
  • I chase squirrels/ she chases birds
  • I like to be alone/ she can't stand it
  • I prefer belly rubs and hate people touching my ears because I get ear infections!/ she's the total opposite (yep you guessed it): hates people touching her sensitive belly and LOVES ear scratches
  • I hate the bath/ so of course, Dorothy loves it!
  • I like to snuggle my toys/ she likes to destroy them
  • I love laying under a warm blanket or wearing a soft sweater when it's cold/ she hates anything like that touching her (even if she's cold) and will tear it up in no time if mommy's not around to stop her
  • I don't lay on the ground/ she'll lay down anywhere!
  • I'm cynical and hold grudges until I feel the person responsible is truly sorry/ Dorothy's happy-go-lucky, forgiving, trusting and doesn't know the meaning of 'angry.'
Can you believe it?  Opposite in every single way! Sure makes life here interesting! 

ying and yang


  1. They are SO cute! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge, and I look forward to visiting again.


    1. We're so excited to have you joining us :) Mommy and I look forward to checking your blog out too!

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  3. You guys are so different but I know you are best friends too.

  4. Your two dogs are certainly very different, but seem to get on a lot better than my two.