Friday, April 11, 2014

j is for Jumpy

Jumpy is the name of my toy kangaroo.  Mommy and daddy bought him for me just after we moved into the Mayfair building when I was still a pup!  I'm really good at looking after my toys and playing with them gently, that's why he's lasted so long.  His paw couldn't withstand Dorothy's rough-housing and was ripped before she'd even lost her baby teeth but mommy sewed him up for me and now Dorothy's not allowed to touch him under any circumstances.  (We tried getting her stuffed animals but she just can't look after them so she only gets chew toys now).

Jumpy used to be my favorite toy and best buddy before Dorothy moved in.  I used to play-fight him, snuggle him on the couch, drag him from room to room with me and take him to grandmas to nap on him in the car on the way or when I got tired at her place.  Sometimes I would try to take him to bed with me but he was too big for me to lift all the way into the bed so I would leave him laying on the floor beside and pick him up first thing in the morning.  Now I only get to play with him when Dorothy's preoccupied and then back into the cupboard he goes.

It's sad that I don't have Jumpy for company anymore and I always get so excited when I get to play with him again.  But while he kept me company and prevented me from getting too lonely and sad, I guess it's nice having Dorothy around to actually play-fight or snuggle me back.  If anyone tells her, I'll deny it 'till I'm blue in the face!

me and Jumpy at the Mayfair
Me and Jumpy these days 


  1. Aww! My Dora had a doll that was the character Boots from the cartoon. She used to carry it around with her all the time. Now that she has her little doggie brother Argyle, she doesn't really play with it as much. Although she doesn't like if he plays with Boots either.

    1. That's adorable! I love hearing about different doggy personalities, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Jumpy the Kanga...very cool. You are a lucky boy, baxter. Keep him safe from Dorothy.

  3. Awwie!! Jumpy is so cute and looks like you have a great time playing with it, baster!! :)
    Shilpa Garg
    Co-Host AJ's wHooligan for the A to Z Challenge 2014