Wednesday, July 9, 2014

birthday boy

Yesterday was my birthday, I turned four!  In doggy years that means I'm 28 but mommy says that - even though that makes me older than her - I'll always be her baby.  I was a little lonely without grandma, grandpa, Aunt Amy and Uncle Sean to celebrate with me, but mommy and daddy still gave me a really great day. 

Mommy made my favorite meat-jelly cupcakes and both Dorothy and me got those yummy smoked bones with the meat still on them!  Then I enjoyed unwrapping my present by tearing open the paper and spreading it all around the living room, that's is always fun!  My present turned out to be the perfect combination of my two favorite things: ropes and balls... a rope ball! I didn't even know something so awesome existed!

 Then, in the early evening, I got the best present I could ever ask for: some alone time with mommy and daddy who took me to the park for a run without Dorothy so I could have some decent ball chasing without her chasing me!  All in all, a great day :)