Wednesday, April 9, 2014

h is for home

In July I'll be four years old and have already had four homes.  When I first came home with them, mommy and daddy were staying with a family member in Peachtree City - about 45 mins from Atlanta.  I loved it there!  It was a big house with an enormous yard and there were other dogs and kids to play with all the time.  

my first play mate - a min pin called Bella 
a truly great yard!

About a month later we moved to Midtown Atlanta to a building called Mayfair and I loved it here too.  The apartment was big enough for me to run and play in, chasing my ball and playing hide and seek with mommy.  I also made friends with a few dogs in the building and enjoyed going to Piedmont Park for walks most days.  

You could see the place from the park
(it's the one with triangles on top)
It had green walls and great views since we were
up so high

Plenty of space for a dog to stretch his legs...

Next was the Plaza building (also in Midtown Atlanta).  This one I didn't like so much, it was too small and the balcony was terrifying.  After Dorothy moved in, it got even worse!  She was constantly in my space bubble and I couldn't find a moments peace in this one bedroom apartment. 

Mommy and daddy agreed that it was too small for all four of us so we moved but further than I would have liked.  Don't get me wrong, I like Austin!  This condo is nice, we have a yard and I love the nearby park we can walk off-leash at... but it's so far from my family and I miss them a lot.  I miss my grandma's place where we spend every second weekend and my aunty Amy who used to have me over for sleep overs and spoil me rotten.  

My dream home would include a yard, lots of animals for me to chase and play with and all my family around me.


  1. You are a well-travelled young man, many different homes. One day your Mum and Dad will find the perfect perfect perfect home for you and your sister and you will just love it.

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    1. Thanks for reading and taking some time to comment :)

  3. It's hard when your home is in two places Baxter. Thanks for taking us on this journey Mayfair looks spectacular.

    1. Yes it's very hard. Just as we get settled it's up, up and away! :(
      And yes, I think the Mayfair was everyone's favorite so far - xpt Dorothy coz she wasn't around yet... another plus! :P