Tuesday, April 15, 2014

m is for mealtimes!

Meals are every dog's favorite time of day.  Every dog that is, expect me.  I've always been much more excited about a walk, a drive or a game of fetch.  Don't get me wrong, I'll sit as well as the next dog for a juicy piece of turkey or (my fav) prosciutto but I don't beg or bother the parents while they're eating like Dorothy does.  Hanging under the table hoping for a scrap to fall on the floor is and has always been, well, beneath me!  (pun intended). 
I have always been a picky eater - the kind who only ate when I was hungry and never anything I didn't like.  Before we got Dorothy there were days I didn't eat breakfast at all.  Mommy could put dry morsels out in my dish and know that I'd take a bite if I was hungry.  That, plus my excellent toilet manners and unsupervised behavior meant that they could go out over night and not worry about me at all. 

Those days are gone.  Now that Dorothy's around and she needs supervision plus entertainment, we can't leave food out anymore (and the parents can't stay out late).  She will and does eat anything she can get her mouth on - even if it makes her sick.  It's kind of gross to watch and get so embarrassed when she begs in public, especially around people we don't know.  I stand back in indignation, while she goes crazy, hoping no one will realize she's related to me.  

When mommy does feed us, it's usually something good.  She knows very well by now what I won't eat and has stopped trying to make me. She knows I'll snack on dry morsels (Ideal Balance only!) but don't consider them a meal.  For dinner I like things mixed into them like ground beef, smoked turkey or ham, fish (as long as it's cooked), grated cheese, steamed vegetables, a boiled egg, bbq chicken or some of the canned food varieties by Ideal/ Science Diet.  The annoying thing is that D gets the same meal I do and I often think it's a waste of fresh meat since she'll just as easily inhale the (generic brand!) morsels dry and finish with a loud, rude burp!

when mommy makes fish for dinner we eat it too

For snacks we love raw fruit and vegetables - mommy gives us pumpkin, lettuce, apples, pears, cucumbers or anything else she has in the fridge.  She just won't let us eat onion, red things, croos-if-for-us vegetables or citrus.  

here's us munching on squash
and lettuce

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  1. Gosh you two have a great Mum...do you know you aren't allowed to eat sultanas, grapes, citrus fruit and chocolate either? Heidi and Trudy like to help their Mum and Dad finish off ice-creams that come on sticks as a special treat. Dad often forgets to save a little bit for us on his.