Tuesday, April 8, 2014

g is for grumpiness

I'm not sure why exactly but I'm pretty particular.  Although the older I get, the more relaxed I become but I still like things to be just so.  Mommy's most beloved example of how particular I am is when we used to live at the Mayfair and the humans kept their shoes on a shoe rack in the entrance hall.  One day, daddy left his shoes laying around in the living room and I barked and growled - pointing in the direction of the shoe rack until he finally moved them into place.  Once things are in order, I go back to being happy but if things don't change (like if daddy had left his shoes laying in the living room) I become grumpy, stoop my shoulders and pout - sometimes for up to an hour. 

At this new place, we have a mud room so shoes just go in there but now there are other things that make me grumpy: like when Dorothy takes away the toy I'm playing with, I don't fight her for it like any other dog might, I simply pout my brain off until someone feels sorry for me.  Or when mommy won't let me outside!  Or when nobody throws my ball for me and most especially when I get to see, but don't get to play with, the neighbor's dog!  

Mommy tries to distract me with toys... Hmpf!
Wish she'd just give me what I'm asking for!

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