Thursday, June 12, 2014

where has the time gone?

I couldn't believe it this morning when mommy gave D and I our flea treatments: a whole 'nother month is gone! We've all been pretty busy around here lately - mommy with her new job, daddy with work travel and D and me basking in all the glory of nature that springtime brings forward.  

D, in her usual post-f.treatment cape, hiding in the yard

The days have been super hot, even though it's not quite summer yet, so we don't get to go out much during the day.  Instead, mommy's taken to sitting outside in the early evenings before our walks and once she's done with work.  This way she gets to relax and 'unplug' from work and her computer, sipping a cool drink while  D and I have outdoor time!  We love this time and there's been plenty of it recently, enough to need a brand new 'outside' water dish and bed.  

Mommy's also taken to feeding the birds around here, which she thinks is great - shrieking loudly every time she sees a bird at the feeder - but which Dorothy and me hate!  We've told the birds time and time that they aren't welcome in our yard, so whenever we go out there, we have to do a full perimeter sweep now and if we detect the slightest hint or wiff of bird, we make like the wolf from that nursery rhyme... trying to huff and puff the feeder down.  We wish mommy would stop feeding those dumb birds because honestly, it makes us look silly and powerless.  Our authority in the yard is being completely disregarded. 

We've also been to several parks and new places lately.  Here are some snaps from Emma Long Park (May 31):

and a nearby town called Wimberley that mom and dad are kind of obsessed with at the moment and visit as often as they can:


  as you can see, D and me don't mind!

Tomorrow there'll be a post about our visit to Bull Creek trail - there were too many photos to include here... you'll see why! 


  1. Trudy and Heidi feel your pain re birds in the garden. Heidi will not countenance any birds at all...especially pigeons...and woe betide any bush turkey that ventures into the vicinity.
    Clearly there must be some regulation in the doggie chain of command guide book that sates that birds must at all times be discouraged from entering the personal space of the resident hounds.