Tuesday, April 1, 2014

a is for allergies

I'm so glad that 'a' is the first letter of the alphabet because it lets me address the first, and rather serious, issue going on around our place at the moment.  Since it's spring here in Austin and flowers are in full bloom, the air is full of pollen.  It's like a blanket of yellow snow that gets all over the backyard, the front deck, the car, mailbox and all over Dorothy and me whenever we go outside.  

Even if mommy wasn't a neat freak who insisted on washing our feet and brushing it out of our coats constantly, it would still be a major pain because both Dorothy and I are allergic to it!  It gets up our nose and into our eyes making us sneeze and tear up.  Have you ever tried fetching a ball with your eyes full of water?  It's very disorientating! Mommy says there are only a couple of weeks left of this pollen crisis but that feels like forever to D and me.  People think it's easy being a dog but no one realizes that every season something covers the ground that we're so close to: in winter it's snow, in spring it's pollen, in summer it's bugs and in fall it's leaves! 

this is the tree responsible!
And what it does to our place
Mommy caught me pre-sneeze!
thanks to swatirane.wordpress.com for this photo which shows a trash can in Atlanta. 
The pollen was actually worse in Atlanta but we have a yard here so we're in it more.  


  1. Sound like he needs shoes

    1. NO!! Mommy bought me shoes when it snowed while I was still a puppy because she was afraid I'd get sick. Hate isn't a strong enough word for how I felt about them so after a few attempts, mommy gave up on shoes (hopefully) for good!

  2. Oh poor Baxter. My girls don't have any problems like that. It is only when the rain is so heavy that it causes the backyard to be awash and very definitely wet under paw that we have any complaints. Odd that those complaints do not extend to mud puddles which have a magnetic attraction.

    1. That's too funny! Dogs are so strange with their preferences! Our little Dorothy is a poop eater (thankfully just her own) so I have to clean #2's away immediately but if I don't do it quick enough and she's out running on the lawn, she'll FREAK if she stands on it! Go figure?! She'll put it in her mouth no worries but on her foot! ... ????

      - I never know whether to reply 'as Baxter' or myself LOL. I figure you can see my photo so you know it's me anyway... O well -