Friday, March 21, 2014

A-Z theme reveal

Hi everyone,

I'm sure some of you doubted my powers of persuasion over mommy but she's conceded - which means I've won and my theme will be: (da da da daaaaaaa)

a month in the life of Baxter!

I'll tell you all about my day-to-day life, not just the major things I usually blog about.  I'll even include videos and show you where I sleep, what I eat, all my favorite things as well as the things that frighten me or that I don't really like.  I've realized that since Dorothy is around me all the time, that makes her part of my life so she'll probably get a mention in a post or two but it's better than the alternative mommy wanted which would have been welcome to Baxter and Dorothy's place.  I think my choice makes it clear who's boss.

I'm really looking forward to sharing a month with you all.  Thanks for all of your support.  I'd better go and start writing my ideas down so I don't get caught without a post one day.

Super fast tail wags, 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the A-Z challenge

Hi there!  Mommy and I have been busy getting my blog ready for the A-Z challenge which will run all April long with a different letter every day.  After giving it some thought we've agreed that my theme should revolve around me me me!! What's this?  Mommy disagrees.  Apparently Dorothy needs to be included.  Grrrr she's such a pain...

Fine! We can include a little about the annoying sister too - but mainly how she impacts me.  No, mommy's shaking her head!  

So maybe we haven't completely agreed yet - lucky we still have until Friday to reveal the theme officially.... 

Still think it's my blog...

Friday, March 7, 2014

the case of the Valentine's balloons

The balloons daddy gave mom on Valentine's Day lasted ages!  For over two weeks they tormented me and I'm sure they would have done so for longer, if wasn't for them dropping down to a level where I could easily reach them.  Then what happened was, well... 

In my defense, they frightened me half to death when daddy first brought them inside - flapping and flailing all around, happy and cocky as anything.  Even when all of us were peacefully seated on the couch after our nightly dinners, the balloons would sway in the back of the room, taunting me.  That's why as soon as they came down to my level, I had to show them who was boss!  I was good about it for almost two weeks after all.

Monday, March 3, 2014

a walk in freezing weather

Mommy says we're strange dogs - Dorothy and I.  We love to play outside when it's cold in the snow or rain but if it's cold and dry we'd rather stay inside. That's exactly what's been going on over the past couple of days since it got cold here again.  So cold that the stairs froze, became slippery and looked like this:

Baxter poodle blog

That's why whenever mommy let us out to go potty we haven't dilly or dallied, we just do our thing and run straight back inside where it's nice and warm. We were going on day three without a walk but then this morning mommy said we had cabin fever and were driving her crazy so she layered up and dressed us too (something Dorothy HATES hahaha) and made us go for a walk to 'get rid of our energy.'  I didn't mind.  Once I had my sweater on, I was ready to brave the wind but Dorothy complained all the way about having to wear a coat and be outside.  The only time she stopped crying was when her feet were washed and she was at home on the couch again. I have to roll my eyes at this, girls!

Baxter poodle blog

Baxter poodle blog

Baxter poodle blog

Baxter poodle blog

Baxter poodle blog
my ear was blowing in the wind!

Baxter poodle blog
that's better

Petsmart dog sweater
Dorothy couldn't wait to get home