Friday, April 4, 2014

d is for dancing

Dancing with mommy is one of my favorite things to do!  Whenever she starts wiggling her hips or clapping her hands, I'm ready: with or without music.  Often, when mom and I dance, daddy jokes about dressing me in a tuxedo and top hat and sending me off as 'the dancing poodle' saying this will begin my career in stardom but mommy thankfully nips this idea in the bud every time by reminding him of my stage fright.

Dancing is one of those very few, very special things I get to do with mommy on my own.  Thankfully Dorothy's legs are too short and fat for her be up on them long - so dancing is most likely to remain one a private thing for me and mommy to share without the brat sister.


  1. You go B-Boy. Trudy and I like dancing with our mum too.

  2. Trudy must be as tall as you when she stands up :) that would make dancing fun.