Tuesday, April 22, 2014

s is for Sunday-best

For special occasions mommy likes Dorothy and me to wear our Sunday-best.  This used to be a t-shirt with a bow-tie printed on it for me and a crystal collar for D, but then our Australian Aunty Anna gave me a tie for Christmas and D got a rosette.  Just in time too, because D managed to get her collar off and eat it, shiny piece by piece.

Mommy puts on our Sunday-best whenever we have to look and act our best, like trips to grandmas or when her and dad are visiting friends that let us come along to their place.  When she dresses us, she explains how we need to be careful while we're wearing our bests and not get them dirty or caught and all that other stuff.  As if I ever would!  I've never been like one of those irresponsible, rough-and-tumble kind of dogs that you see at the park anyway, but especially not while I have my tie on: I like it way too much!  Whenever I'm wearing my Sunday-best, I feel important and in charge.  People notice me and give me toys and treats.

Dorothy on the other hand? Well,  mommy might as well save her breath, I'm sure she doesn't understand anyway.  The moment D has her Sunday-best on, she starts fussing with the rosette, then after a while she forgets all about it and goes back to resembling those aforementioned park-dogs! No decorum or caution!  Sometimes I sit with my head dipped to one side and wonder why she just can't figure out that she can milk this!  I mean, when humans dress us in a cute way - then they just see us as 'cute' and do not take us seriously.  But when we're dressed in our most executive and best: humans quickly figure out who's boss!  I tried explaining this to D once - thinking she would act accordingly to get notice and respect - but it fell on huge, deaf ears.  She just thinks we should get treats and toys all the time.  It hasn't clicked.  And I suppose the day will come when she chews this collar up as well, without milking it's power, like a big dummy!

It's alright though, I like being the brain of the household anyway!  Thanks heaps Aunty Anna, for letting it be known to all!  Extra special cuddle time for you when I see you X

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