Thursday, April 10, 2014

i is for infections

Sadly taking care of a dog isn't all fun and games.  We wish it would be even more than you do but sometimes we get sick, sad or dirty and you (our owner) have to look after it for us since we can't do it ourselves.  Take me for example: you already know my fur is a lot of hard work and my teeth were stressing mom out but another thing about me is that I frequently get ear infections.

This is a lot worse for me than for mommy because unlike pulling cactus spikes out of my fur which only hurts for a second, or sometimes not at all, cleaning my ears and the medicine both hurt me and make me uncomfortable.

I don't get jealous of Dorothy much because everyone knows I'm the smarter, cuter and more obedient dog in this house - but one thing I would trade with her in an instant is ears.  She has the kind of ears that stand up and don't have hair growing inside... I can only imagine what bliss that must be.  She has other issues: because of her sensitive skin she is prone to rashes and infections on her belly but I would take those over ear infections ANY DAY.

The medicine it takes to clean our ears
my ear
Dorothy's ear


  1. I had a dachshund that had yeast infections in her ear all the time. And she did not like me messing with her ears, so it was a pain to try to take care of them. Love this blog! If you have time, and want to, you can come check out my I post.

  2. Aw yes, I understand! Dachshunds have those ears that flop over too :( Luckily Baxter seems to understand that it's for his own good and (although visibly hating it and being upset) doesn't fight me too much on it!
    Thanks for reading and for your lovely feedback :) I've been enjoying your blog as well :) This A-Z challenge has allowed me to meet so many talented people!

  3. Hairy ears are a nuisance. Mum makes me have mine plucked by Miss Anna when she gives me my clip. I don't like it at all.
    Heidi Ho Gore

    1. Mommy tried that with me but when the hair started growing back it was SO ITCHY that I scratched and scratched until my ears bled! :( Now mommy always has to make sure my ear hair is trimmed instead of plucked.
      Thanks for reading guys! Wags Bax