Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Halloween turned out to be so much fun!  I’d heard mommy talk of it and I knew it would involve me partaking in the humiliating spectacle of wearing a costume – but I didn’t realize that Halloween would mean me running around outside and all over the place with my two best friends (Roxy and Bella), or that they would be wearing costumes too!  Their ones were even more embarrassing than mine:  Roxy was dressed as a pumpkin and Bella, a unicorn!   I jumped around them in my football costume (which all of a sudden seemed pretty cool) and teased them relentlessly!

Yep, I felt proud of my football jersey and even posed proudly for mommy while she took photo after photo; I just didn’t like the “helmet” on top of my head since I hate my ears being covered. 

The other two insisted that their costumes be removed as soon as possible. he he he. Here’s a photo of me and my best friend Roxy resting on the ottoman after a long play. 

Here's a photo of me playing with the kids.  Kids really love to play with me since I'm so easy going.  I just sit there and let them do what they want to me.  Sometimes it hurts me when they pull my hair or try to get me hyped up; but mom's never far away to set them straight.  They're so little that I just don't know how to play with them! 

Here's a photo of me outside by the scarey yard decorations.  They move about and make all sorts of sounds when you walk past them and I had to stay very still for this photo so that they wouldn't detect me.

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  1. Baxter you look very cool in your football costume. Heidi would wear a costume but I wouldn't. I would chew it off. I have a beautiful blonde woolly coat. I need no further embellishments.
    We do not do Howl-O Ween because (apparently) we are not trustworthy.