Monday, August 4, 2014

eating out | Mozart's

Dorothy and me love it when mom and dad kick our weekend off with a trip to Mozart's!  It's our favorite cafe in Austin.

Actually, it's our favorite cafe out of anywhere we've lived because usually eating out with the parents stinks! We are expected to just sit under the table and aren't allowed to explore, say hello to other people or go anywhere! Dorothy gives up trying after a few minutes and goes to sleep, while I become restless and annoyed!  

But at Mozart's we always have fun because we're allowed up on the seats beside mom and dad (as long as we watch our table manners) and there are always other dogs to play with, birds to chase or turtles in the lake to tease!  Annnnd, if we're really good and don't run off or bark: mom and dad give us some of their leftovers as treats!  For a dog in Austin, there's
no better place to eat out than Mozart's.

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