Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the constant thorn in my side

I know some of you thought I meant Dorothy with that title: but no, she's being alright and we're getting along really well.  I'm actually and quite literally talking about thorns!  Or prickles, or spurs, or whatever you want to call them!  

Every grassy patch is covered in them at the moment and I can't go outside without mommy attacking me with a hairbrush afterward!   The thorns get caught and tangled and it takes forever to brush them out, plus sometimes it hurts!  I never thought I'd say this but I can't wait until my next haircut!  Hopefully I'll get shaved so this whole thing can end.  

Here are some photos after a quick run in our front yard yesterday!

You can't even see most of them because they get tangled!

But when mommy starts brushing... this happens!

What the sink looks like afterward 

note: Dorothy doesn't have these issues but she got some pretty nasty cactus spikes on her face!  See the one just under her left nostril? OUCH! Luckily mommy always finds them.

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