Friday, June 29, 2012

Atlanta's changing seasons

It's summertime in Atlanta right now but I've been around long enough to know about the changing seasons here: they're out of this world.  

In springtime I like to smell the flowers, roll in clover fields and chase the hundreds of squirrels that come out of every hiding hole.

In summer the days are so long because the sun doesn't set until 9.30pm and I can spend much longer than usual playing at the park or at grandma's.  This means I'm warn out well before bed time

In fall (or autumn as mommy calls it) I love crunching leaves beneath my paws and catching them when someone throws them in the air or they fall from a tree. 

My very first fall when I was still a pup in Piedmont Park

In wintertime it snowed last year but my parents say that's not typical.  I loved the snow and sat by the door begging to be let out so I could sniff it and taste it but also feel it melting on my fur. 

But even if it doesn't snow I like to be outside because I have lots of coats to keep me warm.  

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