Monday, November 25, 2013

Miserable rainy days

It's been cold and rainy here for days and days.  That's how long I've been without a play or any decent time outside.  Daddy throws my ball down the hallway and mommy tries to distract us by coming home with a new toy for Dorothy and me every time she goes out but while Dorothy falls for it and happily accepts the substitute, I do not.  I let everyone know I want to play outside by moving over to sit by the window and look out.

I'll admit it has been cold - by both human and dog standards - and I haven't exactly wanted to stay outside long after potty breaks but I'm going stir crazy inside already!  I think it showed when Dorothy and I played rougher than usual on Friday night and broke the coffee table (completely by accident I promise!) because then mommy took me along for a drive on Saturday, knowing how much I love the car.  

Being inside the car was great - everything in between was very confusing!  We went to junk pile after junk pile which the humans call 'antique stores' and then to an enormous place called a 'flea market' which doesn't make one ounce of sense to me.  I happily stayed in the car for that part, wondering why dogs get flea treatments to avoid fleas but humans voluntarily go to these flea markets. ???

On the way home, it stopped raining so mom and dad stopped for a picnic and I finally got to run around a park.  This was only great for a couple of minutes though, cause it was very windy and the grass was still wet.  I was actually relieved when we got back in the car and I got wrapped in a towel and fell asleep on mommy's lap.  Being stuck inside the house didn't seem so horrible after that and I was good about it all day yesterday... But today is a new day... and it's still raining! 

My best pout

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