Thursday, November 14, 2013

Catching up and filling in

It's been a very, very long time since I've found a minute to get online and update my blog.  Over a year actually!  A lot's changed for me, where do I start?  Let's see... mommy got a new job; then her and dad left me with my fav aunt for a whole month while they traveled; then in July, I turned 3 and finally got to meet my Australian grandparents who came for a visit. Along the way there's been lots of travel to exciting new places and... o yeah, we've moved cities!  Now we live in Austin.  PHEW!

Here's a photo reel of some of my highlights for the past year:

Last Christmas, which was also my last peaceful Christmas. I was everyone's favorite and spoiled rotten:

My birthday: mom and dad took me to the pet store where I got choose my own present!

Our trip to Savannah and being on the tour trolley with mom:

Halloween without a costume, just a really awesome toy!

Autumn in Atlanta and having mommy all to myself:

But life didn't stay so wonderful... because last December mom & dad surprised me with a new - and very annoying - baby sister!

Things haven't been the same since, although after almost a year with her being around and following me everywhere, I don't hate her as much anymore... and I guess she's ok to have around when mom's too busy working to play with me.

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