Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Total invasion

It's happened!  Everything I feared has come to pass: our yard has become a free-for-all of invading animals.  First it started with the squirrels acting like they owned the place; now a nasty, sneaky neighbors-cat has heard that our yard is defenseless and has started coming over as well!  And mommy still won't let me out!  How can she let this happen?  I mean, who does she think will protect this house while daddy's at work?  I'm seriously not happy about this. 

Look, even Dorothy - my oblivious to everything sister - can now see this is getting out of hand!  It's happening just like I thought: I'm becoming known as the pushover of the street.  I bark my loudest barks and growl my deepest, most threatening growls at this pompous cat but she just sits there smirking at me - knowing she's safe because the squirrels have told her I can't come outside.  

Now that the squirrels and cats are invading at full force - what's next? A bear?!!  Oh, if only I was an outside dog.  There wouldn't be so much as a spider in my yard!

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