Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hunger pangs

Well mom wasn't back to feed me my dinner on Monday night so I got confused and didn't eat at all since I wasn't sure how she was and whether she had any food or not. On Tuesday, dad and I had a big day so I was famished and gladly ate but I missed my mommy very much yesterday and once again didn't eat. I now realize that four days is a very long time and I miss her very much today.  I still don't feel like eating and I don't even want to run around. 

Daddy keeps trying to engage me in play time but he doesn't get it right!   We have never been alone for this long - we're quite unsure of each other, not knowing what the other wants - which makes me think of my two favorite things about my mommy: she always knows how I like to play; and she knows just how to pat me right!  Somehow mom always knows what toys I want to play with too because no matter what I'm doing, when she picks up a toy: THAT'S THE ONE I WANT!

Daddy says she'll be coming back tomorrow but I don't know when tomorrow is and miss her NOW!  I overheard him telling her on the phone last night that I've been difficult, so hopefully that will tell her how much I need her to come back to me today.  I honestly thought that if I stopped eating all together, mommy would be so worried that she would fly back to Little Rock as soon as she could - but It's not working!  I'm on day two of my hunger strike, but still daddy says she won't be back until tomorrow. As soon as she's back I plan to eat and eat! 

... Although, maybe I will act upset at mom first and ignore her for a while so she realizes that leaving me for 4 days and flying home without me (for whatever work is) is NOT ok!

:-( from Baxter

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