Thursday, October 20, 2011

On the move

At the moment we're on a road trip and I'm having so much fun: that's why mommy's started this blog/ journal for me.  We're on our 9th day of the adventure here in Dallas, TX.  It's not an adventure for Daddy, who had to take this trip for work but it is for mommy (who's from another country) cause she gets to see America... and it is for me too because I get to experience new things and show mom and dad how well I travel for long periods.

After we left Atlanta, we went to visit grandpa in Shreveport LA for a few days which was great fun!  I liked grandpa's place a lot but he has the type of furniture that I'm not allowed on because I can scratch it. 

It was ok though because Grandpa gave me a new plastic bottle to play with on the floor everyday and it turns out they're really fun.  Daddy thinks they're too loud but seeing as most of my toys are at home he knows I have to make do...

Then we went to Abilene Tx, where we saw a life sized statue of a buffalo:

And lastly we were in Arlington TX for a few days where we went to a pumpkin patch and I got to help pick out the perfect Halloween pumpkin:

Next we're going to Little Rock Arkansas for dad's friend's wedding and I want to give them our perfect pumpkin as a gift. I've already been to Little Rock before and I liked the hotel room we stayed in since there was plenty of room for me to play fetch. I hope our hotel room is as big this time too.

Well I've got a busy day tomorrow, mom promised me some more running around time without my leash on! So I'm off to sleep now, thanks for liking my blog.

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