Friday, October 21, 2011

On the road again

Today we left the hotel in Dallas that we'd stayed at for the past three nights; just when I was feeling really at home with my surroundings, remembering where everything was and enjoying myself!  We drove for 5 hours to Little Rock, Arkansas and I slept in the car most of the time, in my new spot on the back seat; inside the cubby that daddy made up for me.

I liked my old spot, perched on top of mommy's lap but after last night, when she bought me a costume: I've decided to show her that I'm a big boy now and don't want to be babied.  Daddy encouraged this but I think mommy missed me at times, cause she reached back and tried to pat me - sometimes I let her - but most of the time I pulled away.  She needs to loosen her grasp on me a little and let me be a boy!

I show mom just how much I love her in all sorts of other ways!  Like dressing up for Halloween: I really don't want to and my costume feels weird but last night I stood there patiently while she fitted me into a football costume, with nothing more than a disgruntled look upon my face.  Daddy knows how I feel - he was against this from the start, but we are going along with it for mommy's first Halloween.  Next year will be a different story!

Me buckled in, in my new car spot

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  1. Mate, sometimes you just have to suck it up and make your Mum happy. It pays off in the form of cuddles and treats later.
    Trudy Gore