Saturday, October 22, 2011

In the dog house, Little Rock AK

Here we are in Little Rock, Arkansas and I'm in trouble with my mom.  See, she went out to dinner last night with some friends while daddy was away and left me by myself in the hotel room.  I am used to this, since we live in an apartment and I have been raised inside, so I know how to behave. But last night, I felt that we had not been here long enough and I was not comfortable staying by myself just yet; so I let mommy (and the rest of the hotel) know this by yelping and crying the whole two hours she was away.

Mom says that when she came back to the hotel, the manager kindly let her know of this and she was embarrassed and very upset with me!  I tried to explain that it wasn't my fault and I was scared to be alone, but she told me that if I want to be treated like a big boy I need to start acting like one. Also she told me that from now on I would be put into my crate when they go out and I don't like that one bit! I am much too old and clever for my crate!

Today I am trying to show mommy just how sorry I am; but she is not budging!  Tonight while they are at the wedding shower - I'll be in the dog house!

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