Thursday, October 20, 2011

A great day in Dallas

Well we're still in Dallas because daddy wasn't quite done with work.  That's ok though because despite the cold outside and cruel winds blowing, mommy kept her promise and took me out to a field so I could run, run, run.  I stay a lot warmer than she does because I'm so fluffy, but that's got its own problems! Mom had to spend 20 minutes pulling all the spurs out of my fur when we got back! 

Mom's telling me my Australian family calls spurs "prickles." Well whatever they're called - they sure hurt the same!  Now we're off to the pet store to buy me a 'howl-o-ween' costume! Neither me, nor my mom, have ever celebrated Halloween before.  She says she's getting a costume for herself too (after the pet store, not AT the pet store!)... I wonder what we will be!  I'll let you know soon.

Have a great day!
Love from Baxter


  1. I hope there will be photos of you with your Mum wearing your costumes.

  2. Yep I'll make sure she puts them up for me!