Sunday, October 23, 2011

What's good for the gander

Today I had a great time with my parents in Little Rock!  We went to the Old Mill but I wasn't allowed in there so I waited in the car while they checked it out, then on we went to the park with all the geese and squirrels! 

I ran and ran my head off chasing those critters but mom and dad's highlights were different to mine. They thought it was exceptionally funny when I got into an argument with a Canadian goose - only I wasn't laughing!  He made me so cross by saying I couldn't come towards the water!  "It's a free country buddy," I tried to explain as he flapped, hissed and honked at me.  Although dad pulled me away before I could show him a thing or two, I feel like I won the argument and marched around proudly afterwards thinking: no body else better mess with me!

Here's a picture of me barking my civil rights to him - notice how uptight he is! (You can click on the pictures and they will get really big for a better look!)

PS:  Mommy tells me she's going back home for work tomorrow; she'll be gone for 4 days.   I'm not too worried because even though I don't know how long 4 days is; I know she'll be back in time to feed me my dinner and breakfast. She's always around for that! 

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  1. Birds can be so uppity, thinking they are so great just because they can fly.
    Kudos, Baxter!!!!