Friday, February 21, 2014

a word from Dorothy

Hi I'm Dorothy Mantooth, Baxter's little sister.  I've had a chance to look as his blog and I asked mom if I could also write something to let you all know a little about me.

The main thing to know about me is that I'm both a lover and a fighter.  I am friendly and cuddly to anyone but I also love a good rough-housing.  I get a bad wrap because Baxter says I can be too rough and most humans agree.  Even though I'm one and a bit, I still like to bite when I get excited.  Mommy calls it nibbling but Baxter disagrees.

Baxter is my best friend and hero.  I would (and do) follow him anywhere.  Luckily for me, he always makes good decisions so this hasn't lead to any trouble yet.  The most miserable times of my life so far have been when Baxter is taken away from me - like on drives with the parents or sleep overs at Aunty Amy's house.  I cry a lot and don't feel like playing until he's back.

I'm not picky about food the way Bax is.  I'll eat (and have eaten) literally anything.  My meal-manners are pretty great though - thanks to parental guidance - I've almost entirely stopped sticking my head into Baxter's dish while he's still eating.  Now I (mostly) sit and wait for him to finish his meals before I attempt to lick his bowl.  Sometimes this takes forever though since he's SUCH a slow eater and I tend to loose my patience and try to shove him out of the way.  He doesn't often get mad at me - but this really ticks him off.

The other thing about me is that, even though I'm a girl, I'm low maintenance: super low compared to Bax.  Mommy just has to wash and dry me, brush my teeth once a week, clean my ears once a month and take me to the groomers for a nail clipping every two.  Baxter gets the works - and often too.  He needs his ears and teeth cleaned way more than me AND always takes forever in a bath (especially after a hike when leaves and things get caught in his fur).  Plus has to go to the 'groomers' every so often for a complete haircut that always leaves him looking silly.

That about wraps me up.  Mommy's working on a funny post about how Baxter and I are completely opposite that she will post next week.  That'll help you to know even more about me.  Lots of love,

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