Thursday, February 13, 2014

last weekend's adventure

Over the weekend we went on a family hike.  With so many parks around our new home this is becoming more and more frequent.  One thing that's never happened before is that I was allowed to get wet, muddy and very, very dirty even though mommy was around!  Its was the most fun!

We both paused when we got to the water but
mommy didn't pick me up so I went for it...
Once I reached the other side I turned back, victorious, to gloat
Dorothy really wasn't sure, so daddy carried
her over the first part

I talked her into giving it a go - usually she's the more
adventurous out of us two

I got super dirty!
Dorothy just poked her tongue at me because she didn't

I want to say it was worth it but the brush-out and bath afterward was truly horrible. Mommy hopes I'll think twice about getting so wet and dirty next time. We'll see...

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