Friday, February 28, 2014

boarded for the weekend

Last weekend mommy and daddy went to visit uncle Stephen in Dallas so Dorothy and I had to be boarded.  Usually this means excitement, favorite foods, loads of outside and play time with aunt Amy and uncle Sean but I'm starting to wonder if they're still around because we haven't seen them in while AND we were left with a lady we barely knew!

She turned out to be ok - took us for two walks, gave us treats, sent mommy lots of photos, let us hang with her on the couch and there was another dog staying who was pretty cool... but she was no aunt Amy and we were very relieved when the parents came to pick us up.  Mommy's promised us lots of attention this weekend, let's see if she delivers!


  1. Our Mum and Dad used to take us to Miss Janette at the kennel when they went away but recently we have had Uncle Mike to come to stay with us here at home. We much prefer this arrangement.
    Woofs and wags.
    Trudy and Heidi

    1. You guys are so lucky! We would rather stay at home too if we can't be at Aunt Amy's - her house is so big and her yard even bigger with lots of squirrels to chase! It's our favourite place in the whole world and you would like it too, seeing as how you also like to chase things Heidi. Trudy and Dorothy would probably just lay on their pillows watching us... so boring!
      Gotta run, Bax