Monday, February 24, 2014

the dreaded haircut

Last Wednesday mom and dad dragged me to the groomers: a place I hate almost as much as the vet.  It was my first haircut since we moved to Austin with a lady named Ginger that I'd never met before and I was terrified.  To add to the confusion, this groomer was right beside my vet - in the same building!  So that's where I thought we were going and I was shaking long before we even walked through the door.

Ginger was ok in the end.  She's only the third groomer I've ever had.  There was Karl, of course, who I always went to in Atlanta and the other was a lady who cut my belly during the first haircut of my life.  Mommy says she's the reason I get so scared but I've always hated the buzzing of the shaver and the screaming from the blow-drier too.

But I think Ginger is going to be my favorite because she asked mommy if she should blow dry me and I was grateful when mommy said to just let me dry off naturally like we do at home.  There was nothing I could do about the buzzing of the shaver though, Ginger said my hair was too matted to cut so it had to be completely shaved off!  Lucky it didn't take too long:

And because my report card was really good, I got a new toy to play with!  Although Dorothy did immediately take it away from me when we got home... but it was the thought that counted and I'm glad I don't need to get another haircut for a long time!


  1. Hi Bax, Trudy and Heidi here. We have to go the doggy spa too. Miss Anna is our groomer. She is quite bossy e.g. no barking while drying, so barking at other spa patrons, no barking for attention, but we quite enjoy our day there. Heidi doesn't like having her ears plucked though and I am not keen on the toe nail clipper thingy. You look very smart now though…maybe a little naked but very smart nonetheless.
    Keep wagging.
    T & H

    1. Hey guys,
      Thanks for the empathy. It's really nice to know I'm not the only dog reacting this way. In Atlanta Karl would take his dog 'Hudson' to work with him and Hudson would always look down on me when I protested, as if he thought I was an amateur or perhaps a real cry baby. (I never liked that haughty dog).
      Personally I'm ok with toe nail clippings but as soon as the hair dryer comes on or the ear hair plucking starts I shake and pull and cry as much as I can! I can just imagine Heidi doing the same! :) But then, a certain level of responsibility comes with having hair like ours, doesn't it? :P