Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A kiss to take away the pain

Both mom and dad are taking turns being sick.  Last week was mommy's turn; this week it's daddy's. Luckily Dorothy and I know just what to do in these situations to make them feel better: 

Take one brown, cuddly puppy and apply to sore belly until smile appears. Puppy will remain in position until moved.

Once brown puppy moves, it's time to apply the white puppy (me) to affected area 

You can't overdose on this medication, so apply both at once if you like. Relax and feel the love, it'll really help

Works the same way for both mommys and daddys

Finally and most importantly: don't forget the kiss to take away the pain! 
To be taken as often as you can - for immediate results in expelling negative emotions, producing warm happy feelings and of course inducing smiles

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