Thursday, December 12, 2013

My first Christmas tree and stocking

When daddy got home after work on Monday night, mommy harnessed me up, put a sweater on me and took me along for a drive.  In the car mommy explained that we were going to get a Christmas tree and knowing I'd be terrified of it if they simply brought it inside, they took me along to see what it was and what was going on. We stopped a few times at tents that had chopped down trees inside them and got out of the warm car to inspect these trees.  They looked and smelled the same to me (expect the rosemary ones which smelled delicious!) but apparently none of them were what mom wanted.  So then we went to Lowes.

I like visiting Lowes.  Everyone is always so friendly and sometimes I get treats from the people who work there.  I was lucky that night because everyone thought my sweater was cute so I got lots of attention, plus when I thought no one was was watching, I had a play with a couple of the toys! Mom also got what she came for and we left with a Christmas tree!

Back at home, daddy screwed the tree into a container to make it stand upright and then poured water into it and wrapped a bag around it, while mommy hung big socks up above the fireplace and snuck what-looked-like small rubber toys into the two on the end that had the initials "B" and "D" on them.  I have a nagging suspicion that one of them is for me - probably the green one - and I want it!

Plus mum and dad were right to bring me along with them to get the tree, I'm not scared of it all. Now, if only I could figure out how to open one of these without wrecking the wrapping so mom would 't know...


  1. Cute! Anna has decorated our place for Christmas also. Astro and Xena keep walking around the tree sniffing at things, probably wondering what's for them too :o)

    1. CUTE!! Does Anna have fence around the tree again? Ours left it alone after I roused a little :P