Monday, December 9, 2013

a day at Emma Long Park

Sunday was my idea of the perfect day!  Me and Dorothy woke up, got our morning cuddles, ate our breakfast and went outside for our potty break as usual but instead of going back inside - mom and dad locked the front door, packed the car and we all set off for a drive!

As I've already said, I love the car and I was delighted to sit on mom's lap and look all about around us but where the car ended up was even better! It was a place call Emma Long Park and Dorothy and I got to do something else I love: be off our leashes, running all around for ages!

Mom and dad walked steadily behind us the whole way, bundled up in warm clothing but Dorothy and me weren't cold.  We were happy to lead the way, sniffing and running until we got to a creek with a muddy bed, then we weren't sure what to do.  Last time we jumped into one when it was this cold outside mommy wasn't too happy with us and I got a runny nose, so we just waited for them to catch up.

Daddy picked us both up and carried us over so we didn't have to get wet and cold but it was very muddy on the other side of that creek so we turned back around before long and headed back to where the path was dry.

I loved it here so much and hope we can come back again soon!  Although next time I hope it's not so muddy because I had to sit in the back with Dorothy on the way home.

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