Sunday, December 22, 2013

Telepathic Christmas connections

My aunt Amy and I are telepathically connected.  I always love when mom and dad go on a trip and I get to to go to her place because she knows exactly what I want and how to make me happy. Plus she gives me treats that mommy and daddy don't give me like pro-shoot-o and popcorn!!

This weekend she came to visit us and proved that despite my moving far away and not seeing her for a while: our connection's gone even further!  Not only did she buy me all the exact presents I wanted and let me unwrap them all myself (tearing up paper is one of my favorite things!) ... but she also brought along the Christmas presents I'd telepathically asked her to buy for my parents!  I'm was so happy that she'd received my messages and made good on our deal!

Here's what we got for mommy:

Since she's been spending more and more time cooking for daddy these days, I asked aunt Amy to find one of these dog biscuit making kits for me to give mommy as her Christmas present so she could make yummy snacks for me (and Dorothy too, I guess).

And for daddy we got:


Because everyone knows fetching balls is absolutely my favorite thing to do and this makes the balls go further!  Daddy was so impressed with my present that he took it out to test straight away and I got to chase balls until I was exhausted. 

I love my aunt Amy so much!  She's so thoughtful and has made me look very good to mommy and daddy this Christmas.  These presents will be the gifts that keep giving all year long and I owe it all to her!

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