Friday, December 27, 2013

Missing the family on Christmas

This Christmas was so different to all the previous ones I’ve had.  There was no family gathering, no grandpa sneaking me food under the table and no helping anyone else unwrap their presents.  On her first Christmas with our family last year, Dorothy was still a baby so she was left with a family friend to be babysat and missed out on a proper family get-together.  The kind where everyone goes to the grandparents place and gives the dog lots of patting and attention: I know she would have liked it.  

 Mommy usually makes me wear a goofy outfit (like this one from last year) 

and I don't mind, especially when I hear grandma laugh and say how cute I look then shower me with hugs and treats.  It would probably be the same for Dorothy - especially if mom makes her wear the horrible, frilly red skirt that she threatened to buy her. This year I didn't wear anything embarrassing and I didn't see my grandma at all.

I missed the family Christmas and told my parents that we should definitely have a proper one next year.  Don’t get me wrong; running around for two days straight, exploring and having complete off-leash freedom was a heck of a fun time but it just didn’t feel like Christmas at all.

Here are some more snap shots of my family (proper) Christmas from last year:

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